Avalanche Game

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HOW TO PLAY: [ Arrow Left/Right: Move | Arrow Up: Jump | Enter: Restart Game | P: Pause ]
Hint: The screen wraps. So you can leave on the right side and re-enter on the left.

Avalanche game is a crazy game where donut like blocks fall avalanche style all over the screen and you have to avoid being crushed by them. At the same time, there is a terrible pool of lava that rises up from beneath you cutting off any retreat so with death from above and below you how do you survive? You are a marshmallow who has to jump and climb the blocks as high as you can to avoid the lava while also nimbly dodging the doughnut blocks. The game is really very hard but there are two tricks I will share with you that can help. The first is that the screen wraps so you can jump off the right side and reappear back on the left. The second is that you can climb up the side of the blocks by jumping into them and then pressing the jump key as you bounce off of them. This is a tricky move that will require some practice and a lot of patience. See how high you can climb!

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