Ragdoll Avalanche 2

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HOW TO PLAY: [ Arrows: Move around the screen ]
In Ragdoll avalanche 2, the plot is the same as you must avoid the onslaught of spikes that fall from nowhereland. The music adds a different background ambience than the original Ragdoll game. It also seems that you can go on living longer after taking indirect hits to the arms or legs. Taking limb shots isn't exactly good for your health either though and any direct blow to the head or body is an instant death. The object is the same as the first Ragdoll. You flop around the screen avoiding certain death and when you take even one solid hit from a spike, you die a horrible bloody death and then if you didn't fair so well (and I never do) the game will mock you with a funny quip. Nice.

Ragdoll Avalanche 2
Ragdoll 2 Record Breaker

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